Taking Over My Role as Colonial Master

Taking Over My Role as Colonial Master

My father shared life lessons with me when I was growing up in the quaint community of Kabba, which is located in Nigeria. He said, “Never walk out of your door to attend a party or see a friend without first eliminating your hunger.” This is a good rule of thumb for social situations in general. To put it another way, you shouldn’t always assume that there will be food available everywhere you go, even at parties and other gatherings. He gave the advice, “When you go to parties with at least a half-full stomach, you will be protected from excessively salivating each time you anticipate being served or when you are bothered by the lovely fragrance from the kitchen.” He meant that you would be able to avoid unnecessary drooling. You will be able to at least observe with disapproval and enjoy your party when some impolite servers purposely pass you by without offering to serve you. This will give you the opportunity to correct their behavior. You are in a position where you are able to afford to ignore anyone believes that he has the unique right to serve you whenever he deems it fit, particularly ‘Owanbe.’ In Kabba people would say “elu le eda tinu oni nu”. When you trip and fall flat on the ground, the contents of your stomach are not lost. But in spite of the sage advice given to me by my father, I made it a point to avoid eating before going to see my friends in the United Kingdom who live in terrace homes.

While on a trip to the United Kingdom, my uncle was taken aback when he discovered that in order to use the restroom, he had to first navigate his way through the kitchen. He was curious as to whether or not this was the so-called “British civilization,” in which there was a thin wall between the area where you loaded food and the area where you unloaded rubbish. He said that “no one would ever design and construct such mansions in Nigeria,” even though Nigeria is classified as a third world nation. But Uncle, these folks educated us in architectural engineering and construction technology, I informed him. He responded by saying, “Aburo, forget about this ‘Oyibos’; when they make faults as a result of the investment, they will always claim it’s a new trend or new design; they don’t confess to error very readily.” Then, all of a sudden, I recalled that the toilets and kitchens in Nigerian homes are located in separate rooms that are separated by a significant distance. I am aware that we do not enjoy these two aspects of our existence being too near to one another, most likely due to the pain that is linked with it, but the British do not feel this way.

When I was at a friend of the family’s house, I asked to use what my fellow countrymen would refer to as the “big one.” After excusing myself, I proceeded into the kitchen, where my friend’s wife was making some “Edika-hikon” and “eba.” I then used the restroom. When I finally began to fire the big one, I made sure that I did not give mother nature the opportunity to make her normal explosion. I was keeping order and handling everything until mother nature decided to throw a wrench in my plans. Suddenly, a very loud and heavy one came crashing down, the reverberation of which was comparable to the bomb explosion that took place in Lagos on January 27th, 2002. Even though I was fully aware that whomever was in the kitchen would have been able to hear the chaos caused by the mismanagement, I was still unable to believe the sound. Because of the high amount of carbohydrates I consume on a daily basis, I do not need someone to inform me that the toilet emits the sound of blasts whenever I activate it; thus, I would generally take additional precautions, particularly when I was not doing it in my own house. I try to block out the noise by doing things like shouting praise songs at the top of my lungs or running the faucet.

It is not necessary to engage in such activities just because one is seated on a toilet in Nigeria. You may exit the roof by either the master bedroom or the guest toilet. Apologies, but that’s not all; the bus conductors’ yells of “Och-uo-di, mushi, Agege, CMS, Oju-ele-gbaaa, hold ya chey-sssh” will also aid to extinguish the explosion. Hold on to your chey-sssh! Because Nigerians are so sophisticated, in addition to the fact that their homes have impressive architectural features, they also arrange their homes such that the kitchens and bathrooms are located on opposite ends of the building. In the common ‘face me, I face you’ arrangement, in order to use the bathroom you will need to go around 10 meters away from your room.

The toilet and the kitchen should be located in separate rooms for reasons of both decency and hygiene. When you use the toilet, you are essentially giving the bacteria that are already present in the toilet permission to travel to the outside world, and it is not impossible for some of those bacteria to try to find refuge in the kitchen as you pass through it. The British use the explanation that the homes in the 1950s were constructed with individual bathrooms that had to be shared by four or five households as an excuse for the bad architecture of the terrace houses. Hoops! Were there restrooms available back then? If such is the case, how did they make amends? During the winter, the correct answer was once a week, while during the summer, the correct answer was three times a week. My father claims that in Africa during the 1950s, people would engage in sexually active behavior in remote areas of the bush, far from settlements and farms, by taking baths in flowing streams and waterfalls.

In connection with the topic of discipline, when I was younger, I was instructed that if I left the table to use the restroom while I was eating, I would not be allowed to return to complete my meal.

My dad is of the opinion that it is greedy to try to empty one’s intestines in order to create place for food that is still partially digested. You have two options: either you go to the bathroom to empty your bowels before joining him for dinner, or you load up on food so that you can empty them later. In contrast to Nigerians, who are so considerate that they do not blow their noses in public places for fear of offending those around them, I have witnessed people in the UK blowing their noses openly into tissue papers or handkerchiefs while riding the bus or train. In Nigeria, people are so considerate that they do not blow their noses in public places for fear of offending those around them. When I was in the cafeteria enjoying the delicious fish and chips at my place of employment, I recall on two separate instances when other employees used a loud blast to clear their nasal passages. You might expect a public rebuke if you behave in this manner in Nigeria.

Although the majority of typical Nigerians can at least buy apartments via Whitedrum that come with a master bedroom, after returning from my vacation to Europe I can only recall seeing a master bedroom twice outside of hotel rooms.

As I have never been to the United States, I am unable to comment on the typical architecture seen there. It would seem that Nigerians have surpassed their British colonial rulers in this particular area. It makes me question whether we are capable of surpassing them in other domains as well, such as politics and technology.

My friend, who was a manager in an information technology company in Port Harcourt, had a well-furnished and air-conditioned three-bed room flat with a master bedroom. However, when he moved to London, he was forced to share a two-bedroom flat with five other guys and a lady. He was not happy about this situation. They take turns using the one bathroom and toilet, which results in the noise from the toilet being audible while they are cooking in the kitchen. This has become an accepted part of their daily routine. According to him, it was a challenge for him to adjust to the fact that the restroom and the kitchen were located in the same space for the first three months. He has now established himself in the United Kingdom, and when he moved out of the terrace, he leased another place to live since he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He currently lives there with his wife and their children. When he goes back to Nigeria, I have no doubt that he would not construct anything that resembles a terrace home.

Concepts for Private Toilet Rooms

We have discovered that one of the things that individuals like doing most in the world is brainstorming new ideas for their master bathrooms at home. It has the potential to be one of the most fascinating elements for owners to both design and finish.

Your master bathroom is your escape from the monotony of your daily routine; it is a little luxury spa where you can get away from the commonplace and bury your troubles in a nice warm bath. If you want to escape the boredom of your daily routine, your master bathroom is the place to go.

The process of renovating your master bathroom may be quite fun, but it can also be very terrifying. It is likely the most personal room in your home (at least for the majority of people), but there are so many alternatives that it will always be difficult to filter through them and select precisely what it is you want to do with the space.

To get started, give some thought to the theme of your master bathroom. Choose a layout and design that is calming and relaxing to you, as well as one that expresses your personality. Do you gravitate toward a more modern aesthetic, characterized by sharp geometry and bright colors? Or would you rather visit a spa inspired by a Grecian island, complete with Romanesque tiling and a relaxing Jacuzzi tub?

You will never be content with a design theme that you adopt merely because it is trendy rather than because it is something that you actually appreciate, so make sure that whatever you decide, it is a genuine expression of who you are on the inside.

After you have decided on a design theme for your master bathroom, you will find that you are flooded with ideas for the details of the design.

Your choice of a bathtub or shower will almost certainly be the centerpiece of the design of your brand-new bathroom. Which more closely describes your personality—one that tends toward extravagance or one that leans toward practicality? A magnificent bathtub with deep massaging jets and a spacious shelf for bath oils and candles is one of the installation choices that may be chosen. Another possibility is a shower stall that offers the convenience of seats. Consider how you generally stretch out in your bathing area and what kind of bathtub you will need to get whole happiness in the experience. Baths and showers are currently created in practically any form and size you may possibly desire. The functionality of your bathtub is an important factor that is sometimes ignored, despite its significance. Do you need help in the form of handrails? Have you given any thought to the possibility of adding locations for plants?

When formulating ideas for your master bathroom, the ceiling is an extra component of the design that should be taken into consideration. Even though it is something that is commonly seen when one is attempting to unwind in a bathtub, this component is typically disregarded by users. Because this is going to be your very own luxurious spa, you should behave irresponsibly and pick out striking color combinations and expensive designs.

One last aspect to think about, although most people choose to prepare for it less, is the material that will be used for the bathroom walls. Tiles are very common and may be found in an overwhelming number of color options, design options, and form options. Take into consideration, from a purely practical standpoint, that cleaning is made more difficult by the increased amount of grout that has to be scrubbed when working with smaller tiles. Walls made of solid-surface materials are now enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity in today’s bathrooms. They are less difficult to clean, can be molded into any form to suit your needs, and are sometimes quite inexpensive. However, the colors, patterns, and visual designs you may use with solid-surface materials are likely to be more restricted than with other types of materials.

The baths in master bedrooms are often designed to be as much of a personal expression as any other room in the house. If it is really an accurate reflection of who you are, then even the busiest of your days will end with you relaxing in the kind of luxury that you have earned. It is not advisable to go to excessive lengths when designing your master bathroom.

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The Ninja Master Prep Is a Real All-in-One Piece of Kitchen Equipment

Infomercials and the corny, gimmicky sales pitches they use rate quite high on the list of things that I often don’t get into since I am someone who is skeptical of many different things. Nevertheless, there is one thing that, in spite of being a “infomercial product,” is actually remarkable, and that would be the Ninja Master Prep. My desire to experiment in the kitchen has significantly risen as a result of the simplicity with which I can prepare a wide variety of foods.

Now I have to confess that the advertising for Ninja Master Prep wasn’t what swayed my decision to buy the product. In point of truth, not only had I never seen the advertisement, but I also had no idea what the Ninja Master Prep was. If it weren’t for my good buddy, I probably never would have found myself in the position to purchase this amazing kitchen item. It just so happened that I was looking for a food processor at the time and that I was having a conversation with a buddy on the topic. She enlightened me on her newest and most cherished piece of cooking equipment, the Ninja Master Prep, which was wonderful in her opinion. She was very enthusiastic about it, telling me that it did everything that it was claimed to do, that it truly smashed ice into snow, and she just went on and on about it. I couldn’t believe how excited she was about it. I reasoned that if an ardent chef like herself was this enthusiastic about the product, then I may as well pay the fifty dollars and give it a try, and boy am I pleased that I did. The stuff is phenomenal.

I have put it to use for a plethora of purposes, including the preparation of smoothies, the chopping of vegetables for salads and pizza toppings, the making of hummus and chicken salad, the cutting of garlic, and I have even put it to use as a mixer for the preparation of baked goods. I have a strong suspicion that the Ninja Master Prep’s twin blade technology is where the secret resides. Because each Ninja container comes with its own set of double blades that stack on top of each other, the Ninja is able to equally chop, mince, shred, and puree food in all of its containers. If you have ever used a food processor, you have definitely run into the annoying problem of the food you were chopping coming out in a variety of textures. This can be a real pain. Every time I use the Ninja, whether of whether I’m preparing smoothies, smashing ice for margaritas, or mincing onions and garlic, I am always left with a great, consistent consistency, which makes my life much simpler.

The “one touch” pulse technology that the Ninja has is another one of its excellent features. The blade speed may be adjusted by means of a small pod that can be positioned atop any of the Ninja attachments (it is compatible with all of the containers that are included with the Ninja), and this pod can be attached to any of the Ninja attachments. The motor is located in the pod, also known as the blue component that sits atop the Ninja if you are familiar with it from a previous viewing. To get a thicker consistency, you need just pulse it a few times. For instance, if you want to chop almonds, you may receive neatly chopped nuts by just pressing the pod a few times. These almonds are perfect for adding to any kind of baking dish. On the other hand, if you push and hold down on the pod, you will be able to get a consistency that is either creamier or more liquid. So, sticking with the same example of almonds, rather of pulsing it a few times, you’ll be closer to creating nut butter if you hold it down for a longer amount of time than you would be if you pulsated it a few times. This pod is incredible, and the impact it makes can figuratively be described as placing control in the palm of your hand.

The Ninja Master Prep is not only excellent at chopping, mincing, pureeing, breaking ice, and doing a variety of other tasks, but it also makes cleanup a breeze! As I indicated before, the engine is located on top and can be removed quite quickly. When you have removed the motor, the attachment that you are using will just consist of the lid, the container, and the blades; these three components may be separated quite simply from one another. They may all be cleaned in the dishwasher. Having said that, I was able to hand wash mine in the sink without any difficulty.

If you are in the market for a blender, food processor, or even a margarita maker, I would strongly suggest giving the Ninja Master Prep a try. It has all of those capabilities and more. I put mine through its paces many times a week and have never had a problem with it. It has fundamentally altered the manner in which I prepare meals and freed up a significant amount of my time spent cooking.

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